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Here at appCARES, we have a two-fold mission. The first is to utilize the massive market within the App Store. All while building a strong community supporting a distinctive broader purpose. We would like our users to be involved in every single aspect of appCARES; together we can leverage our resources to bring change across the globe. Linking together to create action within our community, it allows the opportunity to select the causes of your choice  in complete transparency to effectively make a difference. 

Second, our apps will be state of the art and brings the utmost value to our users, simplifying everyday tasks, solving problems and striving to make apps more interesting and informative.

It is truly about time to create apps that evoke a stronger value. The opportunity to create change is just a touch away; you hold the power in the palm of your hand. 

Because we care



David and Dimitric met through mutual friends, later finding and sharing some very interesting commonalities, the entrepreneurial mindset. We felt that there was something missing in today's society referring to the App Store. Throughout the sea of iPhone users, people only used apps to get by time, socialize through a anti-social medium or to create useless space on a screen. We wanted to bring value to the App Store, quality virtual products that can be used on a consistent basis, not only creating quality apps but building a brand in which users could truly get behind. Transforming technology while also transforming the world around us.


We decided to merge the two worlds of a volunteerism and app company together. We dislike the idea of giving money to a charity in which you have no clue to where the money will end up. So why not buy an app which iPhone users already do, choose your cause, and watch us document the work hitting the streets making a difference in our community. This is the future this appCARES.

Copyright. ©2013 appCARES, LLC. All rights reserved.


Dimitric Hodges (co/founder)


Dimitric is simply an innovator and contrarian. He passionately supports the gift of giving, with a core focus to empower and more importantly inspire the youth to reach the greatest heights possible. When he is not diligently managing appCARES you can find him traveling abroad enjoying what life has to offer or cracking open a book on topics ranging from leadership to finance. 


David Ma (co/founder)


David is truly a jack of all trades. Very ambitious, willing to go the extra mile to do whats best for the team. He has the ability to see a vision and bring it to life, honing his skills as a serial entrepreneur. When he is not handling the daily tasks of working with our team of designers and developers at appCARES, you can find traveling the world or along side with the likes of the Delhi Lama.